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Hey there! Interested in find an RPG to call home? Well this one just opened and we would love you to enjoy us!


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Celia Williams 15 Eco ✘ FC: Juno Temple ✘ Open

Celia is the leader and founder of the Eco Clique. Celia showed up at St. Trinians when she was 12, her parents wanted her gone and taught a lesson from her freakish ways. Well Celia was out of their house but she was never taught a lesson. She fitted in St. Trinians, her plans on fighting tactics were liked very much by the other girls. Celia has always loved the environment, she found other students with her views and then founded the Eco Clique. Since then, which was 3 years ago, Celia has never left St. Trinians to go “home”.  

Chelsea Parker ✘  17 ✘  Posh Totty ✘  FC: Tamsin Egerton ✘  Open

Chelsea is head leader of the Posh Totties. Ever since she was 10, Chelsea was always the outgoing type. No other girls at her public school liked her, for her sense of style and her ways with boys. Chelsea didn’t care about what others thought, especially her parents. Chelsea has been with lots of boys and is what people call a really “dumb blonde”. Her parents sent her away to St. Trinians, thinking that the boarding school away from boys would fix her flirty ways but they didn’t realize that St. Trinians is always throwing with parties with lots of boys that go head over heels with Chelsea. Chelsea loves being at St. Trinians, she’s always the center of attention. Since she’s the Posh Totty leader, she always got 2 assistants around to help her with her needs. 

We are the best, so screw the rest, we do as we damn well please. Until the end, St. Trinians: Defenders of Anarchy.

St Trinians: School for Young Ladies

At St. Trinians, young ladies from all over England are sent to the boarding school. But this is no ordinary boarding school. The student girls are known as delinquents and the headmistress, Ms. Camilla Fritton, is absolutely bananas. St. Trinians is known as the most worst and feared school in the whole country, even the police don’t like even driving past the school. Every girl has their own clique, they either belong in “Posh Totties”, “Emos”, “Rude Girls/Chavs”, “Ecos”, “Geeks”, “Flammables” and the youngest of them all “First Years”. All girls at St. Trinians are unique but all share the same interest in ‘Trouble’. Want to enroll today? Send in an application!


Admin Note: At the moment, there are 2 IC characters to apply for (more are being created as we speak) but we are accepting OC apps starting now as well! 

Quinn Tale  17  Head Girl FC: Kalel Cullen ✘ Taken

Quinn has a soft appeal to look at but is actually one of the most terrifying girls you’ll ever meet. Quinn was born and mostly raised in the heart of London, Quinn wasn’t like other girls and she usually just kept to herself. Her parents expected much out of her but she didn’t live up to their standards, she acted like a bitch to her parents and to all the other girls at school, she liked to pull horrible pranks on everyone and make people cry (when she thinks they deserve it). Her parents packed up her bags and sent Quinn to St. Trinians when she was 11, Quinn hated the thought of going to a perfect boarding school. When she arrived, she fitted in straight away with all the other delinquents  Quinn has grown up in St. Trinians and has become a daughter to the headmistress, which is why she was made head-girl. Being head-girl is a big responsibility, she controls all the cliques in the school and calls all the shots. She’s well liked among the other girls, mostly because everyone knows Quinn could hurt them badly if she wanted too.