We are the best, so screw the rest, we do as we damn well please. Until the end, St. Trinians: Defenders of Anarchy.

St Trinians: School for Young Ladies

At St. Trinians, young ladies from all over England are sent to the boarding school. But this is no ordinary boarding school. The student girls are known as delinquents and the headmistress, Ms. Camilla Fritton, is absolutely bananas. St. Trinians is known as the most worst and feared school in the whole country, even the police don’t like even driving past the school. Every girl has their own clique, they either belong in “Posh Totties”, “Emos”, “Rude Girls/Chavs”, “Ecos”, “Geeks”, “Flammables” and the youngest of them all “First Years”. All girls at St. Trinians are unique but all share the same interest in ‘Trouble’. Want to enroll today? Send in an application!


Admin Note: At the moment, there are 2 IC characters to apply for (more are being created as we speak) but we are accepting OC apps starting now as well!